• The Power of Words – My Response to “The N Word” Epidemic

    WORDS HAVE POWER – Amanda Evans Hello everyone, Welcome back to RozieLand! The video above features an illustration known as “Dr Masuru Emoto’s Rice Consciousness Experiment”. I definitely recommend trying it yourself (I may publish a video of my experience). I suppose you might now be wondering, what does this have to do with traveling? …

  • Small YouTuber Tag

    Hi guys! Here’s a short post (and a long video) as a small YouTuber! I hope to reach other small YouTubers out there, and encourage you guys to keep making videos. Forget about gaining millions of views and “likes”. Publishing should be about more than that. I publish because I want to inspire ANYONE to …

  • 27 Questions White People Have For Black People: Answering the BuzzFeed Satire

    I stumbled upon this video made by YouTuber, Max Derrat in response to Buzzfeed’s 24 Questions Black People Have For White People. Appropriately titled: (SATIRE) 27 Question White People Have For Black People, Derrat’s video addresses the issue as BuzzFeed has, only the other way around. It states that it is only a “satire”, but …

  • YouTube’s Copyright System: Where’s The Fair Use? #WTFU

    As of recently a little hashtag has been floating around, thanks to YouTubers like Nostalgia Critic, Chris Stuckmann, TheMysteriousMrEnter and many others. #WTFU, which translates to “where’s the fair use”, addresses YouTube’s flawed copyright system. A lot of YouTube channels that borrow material from movies, music and images are constantly flagged at an alarming rate. …

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