Starting Over – RozieLand Reboot

I have no better way to reboot this website, but to be honest, I’m not sure what I want this website to be anymore. What RozieLand was, it is no longer. I am on a personal journey to find where I belong. For more than ten years I’ve dedicated my life to the wrong people and the wrong activities. There were happy moments that provided hopeful potential but in the end it wasn’t mutual nor real like I always thought it was. But I have a vision of a beautiful dream. In fact, I have many dreams and I hope with all the faith I have in my heart, that those dreams can still come true. I have had a lot of traumatic disappointments and losses in my life and I’d like to talk about that as well as my successes and future plans I’m currently working on.

So, for anyone who reads this, please stay tuned. I’ve decided I wanted to keep this website up and write encouraging messages to help any one reader out there that may need a boost in faith. I would also like to share a whole lot of life lessons I’ve learned as well as advice. I want to continue to be my best and give my best in life, but I want to give my best to those who seek it with the intent to give back or pay forward their best. I want to be the change I always wished I saw in others in the world and surround myself with good, truly caring people. Maybe I’ll share with you. I want to give my attention to the productive and not the destructive or the uncaring. I think everyone out there should do the same. Eventually, good results will occur, and I’m putting all my faith in that kind of future.

Thank you so much for visiting RozieLand. I hope to turn this space into something I’m proud of; something that defines who I really am. Until, next time, I wish you all many blessings. Stay prayed up. God bless you.

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