• The Climax

    Hello everyone! Welcome back and thank you for visiting RozieLand! I know I’ve been missing in action for quite some time. Where have I been, you ask? Aside from not having regular access to a working computer… let me just began explaining with this statement: it’s been the toughest summer yet. Regardless, here I am in …

  • Rev Up

    Welcome back to RozieLand! I’ve got a bit of footage to share! It’s a documentation featuring me taking steps in some of the places I’ve gone over the years. What does the video represent? It’s about being confident in the steps you take and the brave steps you make. It’s about a journey. Really, it’s …

  • Memoirs of a Traveler

    ❤ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY ❤ I like to get around – the world that is! There is so much more I want to see… I hope this video inspires you to get out there if you feel the same. The video posted today is more about self-love, but I want to inspire you to be …

  • Adventure Video Mode – a “snapshot” featuring years of travel

    I’d like to consider myself a traveler of sorts…all you need is your own car! All footage was recorded and edited by yours truly over the duration of 5 years.

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