27 Questions White People Have For Black People: Answering the BuzzFeed Satire

I stumbled upon this video made by YouTuber, Max Derrat in response to Buzzfeed’s 24 Questions Black People Have For White People. Appropriately titled: (SATIRE) 27 Question White People Have For Black People, Derrat’s video addresses the issue as BuzzFeed has, only the other way around. It states that it is only a “satire”, but as I watched the video, I found these questions quite interesting. I wanted to answer them.

Earlier this year, I wrote a short article on my opinion about defining racism as well as the extreme amount of thumbs down ratings the BuzzFeed video had received in comparison to others like it. This video sparked a lot of responses on YouTube as well as the internet in general. Some responses were ignorant while others followed the trend of asking more questions. As I’ve stated in my article “24 Questions Black People Have For White people: Is Discussing Race Open Racism?“, I think asking questions (rather than making judgements) is an excellent way to begin the learning process. Every question has an answer, though some could take a more than a lifetime to find it. Below I have provided Derrat’s video, which indeed does ask questions, just as BuzzFeed has time and time again. I have attempted to answer these 27 questions. You will find my answers below. Keep in mind, this is all very lighthearted, from his YouTube presentation to this article. Enjoy:

1. Sure, I feel they can be patronizing at times. But they do this with other races as well. It’s one of many ways they accumulate views (and revenue).
2. I thought Django was a silly and unrealistic movie…although I liked the german speaking part of it. That was the only thing I felt was cool.
3. I get nervous around police officers in certain areas. Some are just bad and it has less to do with race than lack of professional duty to protect and serve.
4. I’m really reserved. I’ve only known two men romantically and I married the second. He has a small butt (tmi?).
5. Obama is okay but not the best president ever in my opinion. I always got the notion that Clinton was decent president. I was a small child when Clinton was in office, so I can’t consciously say he was really great. Bush, not so much. These three are the only presidents within my lifespan that I was able to experience.
6. “Colored” or “People of Color”. I personally don’t want to be called either. They are very outdated descriptions. I don’t even think “African American” is accurate in describing most American black people. African American is more of a description for those who are actually from Africa and whose families are from Africa. You know, people who can actively trace their roots to Africa. Many black Americans have never even seen Africa. Thus, the term “Black” seems more acceptable. Many black Americans are mixed with several races, ethnicities and their lineage is also somewhat lost due to factors like slavery. Though “black” is only a term too, it remains the closest term I know of that describes someone like me. Hope that helps :)
7. I don’t think it’s okay to generalize anyone. It’s a terrible thing for any kind of person to do. We are all individuals and thinking differently. Why are you generalizing? Your question is somewhat of a conundrum…
8. I don’t think it’s wrong for anyone to have dreadlocks. But really, many black hairstyles such as braids and dreads are styles that help “keep” the hair in place. Most hair of black people can be extremely textured and coily. Upkeep can be a lot of work (hours, days invested just to maintain the hair on your head in a “neat” fashion), especially if we were to try and do so every single day like those with straight hair do. It’s more than a style, it’s maintenance. You should research black hair. It’s a whole other world of care because of it’s textures. But yeah, anyone should wear whatever they want. It’s just hair at the end of the day. Many styles out there from any race can be admired and emulated for many reasons. I won’t go deeper into this than that.
9. Yes it does annoy me when Obama is considered only black in the media. He has a white mother who raised him. Why is she never acknowledged? It’s like the world wants to remain ignorant to that very clear fact. I think it’s weird that mixed people are sometimes considered just one race when they clearly have two parents that are two different ones.
10. You are not accountable. You are your own person. You aren’t someone from 150 years ago. A lot of time has passed since then. I don’t believe in that type of stuff. I don’t want someone who sees a broadcasted crime featured on the news thinking it represents me just because the individual was black.
11. Nationalism: Not much of a difference between black and white. But culture, there is a difference and that’s okay.
12. I’m with you…don’t get it.
13. I don’t do that…so I can’t answer. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Really.
14. I don’t care about the Oscars. Never watched once. Do what they may. lol
15. Not really a fan of cultural appropriation. But hey, once again, people will do what they wish. That’s the beauty of life. We all have choices.
16. They are both white men. So… ??? lol.
17. Many black people acknowledge this. Here, I’ll provide some proof:
Exibit A – USA TODAY NETWORK: Why Black Lives Matter doesn’t focus on ‘black-on-black’ crime
Exibit B – THE ATLANTIC: Should Black Lives Matter Focus on ‘Black-on-Black’ Murders?
Exibit C – Terry Swoope: Why #BlackLivesMatter WON’T Protest Black On Black Crime
Exibit D – Tree Of Logic: My experience with Black Lives Matter
Exibit E – Western Journalism: NFL Superstar: If Black Lives Matter, Stop Black-On-Black Crime
Exibit F – KF Videos: Ray Lewis Blasts Black Lives Matter Movement For Ignoring Black-on-Black Crime!
18.White Men Can’t Jump” is a movie made in Hollywood. Most black people don’t believe this even if we did watch it…really dude? lol
19. As I’ve said previously, I don’t watch the Oscars so I don’t care. But I think anyone, no matter what race, should be judged by their accomplishments and their merit as an individual. Color and nationalities don’t really matter except to the shallow. Sadly this train of thought exists in every group, country, culture. The sooner we all begin to understand how silly this all is, the better off we are as a human race.
20. The black man’s burden…: that is a poignant and complex question, but yes I believe there are burdens. I’m not a black man, so I cannot answer that. Good question though.
21. No. Jesus isn’t white. Here’s an excerpt from the book of Revelation:

REVELATION 1:14-15 (New International Version)
14 The hair on his head was white like wool, as white as snow,
and his eyes were like blazing fire. 15 His feet were like bronze
glowing in a furnace, and his voice was like the sound of rushing waters.

Doesn’t sound white to me. I’m not saying he was black but, definitely not a white man.
22. ANYONE can be racist. Though I don’t believe that discussing race makes someone racist.
23. I’m a woman so can’t answer that…sounds more like an insecure man’s question (comparing penis sizes etc…).
24. Black people don’t all wear the same thing for fashion, just like any other race of people. There are plenty of people who wear skinny jeans and others who don’t. Just how life goes…
25. All white people don’t touch black people’s hair but in my lifetime experience, a lot of white people (and other races) do reach out and touch. Sometimes people ask, sometimes they don’t. This just happened to me two days ago in a grocery store… and fyi, just trying to help you realize: you’re in this video repeatedly saying “sheep” (lol). I know you are saying this to reflect that this kind of behavior doesn’t happen, but you are somewhat doing the opposite. It’s actually something I’ve heard before and I think you may have too. That’s where the curiosity stems. Because it looks so different in comparison to other textures, there is an obvious fascination there with what it FEELS like. Let me assist by simply saying, black people’s hair feels like any other human being’s hair (it’s just more curly and coily; textured) and not a sheep’s wool coat. It’s soft, it’s very curly naturally in most cases. It can be a lot of work to manage it. But because of that very textured grade, the hair is very versatile. Are you sure you’re not fascinated by it? Just saying… But oddly enough, I find it to be a compliment.
26. HUH? BuzzFeed may have asked a few questions that were strange to some, but at least they didn’t sound THIS silly. I can’t even tell what she’s getting at here. lol I like her glasses and overall look though. Cute.
27. I don’t think these questions are racist. I wrote an article earlier this year about the Buzzfeed video in question and even defined what racism is. This is not it.


Here’s another set of questions from the website Clash Daily. This particular article titled 20 Questions That White People Have For Black People was written by Kenn Daily, who also has a website called Daily Kenn. Similar to the video by Max Derrat, Kenn decided to ask his own set of questions after seeing the BuzzFeed video. Quite a while ago, I decided to respond to his inquiries thoroughly. You can find my answers HERE. Like Max Derrat, Kenn only seemed to address the video that featured Black people asking White people questions. Despite the fact that there are other videos made by BuzzFeed where Asian and White people ask their own set of questions (more questions than the video that appears to be the only one gaining flack), 24 Questions Black People have for White People remains the only focus for responses and somewhat hateful responses at that. Why is that, guys? I would love to gain some sort of answer from these two gentlemen.

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